So this is what happens to a person (a non-Chinese person) who’s been in China too long:

My wife lost the key to our electric bike-it happens, no problem.
We get a new ignition put on, but they can’t change the lock to the battery.

Ok so we can’t lock it, we do our best to put a little thing to keep it from locking (it’s under the seat), but are worried about theft.

Today was the FIRST ride out with the bike.

So when I park it, I park it where u can pay and there is an attendant on duty.

By the time I come back, the battery is gone.

Here is where it gets interesting. Or where I become Chinese.
I don’t get mad, I’m not even shocked, I’m just numb to it.

I don’t even bother to ask the attendant, because i know it will be an exercise in futility. I even give him the 5 mao (approx. 9 cents US) and start to walk the bike home.

Then I just say fuck it and leave it on the side of the road, luckily its old and beaten and not worth anything in that condition without the battery.

China, you win. I need to go home, I forgot what it’s like to be human….


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