The real journey starts now

Greetings all, this is the start of what hopefully will be a weekly something that is informative, interesting, funny, and humane.

There are a few goals for this blog (in no particular order):

-To promote myself and my work through different social media sites.

-To be an aggregation of different pieces of information from the internet, namely photography and travel related.

-To put on record my visual musings and travel research for feedback and reference later.

-To practice my writing, it is something I need to improve, so please bear with me.

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More to come



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  1. 你好,米球!

    We often use the Chinese words “米球” to replace your name Mitchell, cuz these are similar pronunciation, and the two words are pretty match you.

  2. I have a question. How on earth will you put up with the antipodean on such a long trip?

  3. I have inside information that you will shortly begin a journey with a malfeasant from the colonies. Am I misinformed?

  4. I assume you do already realise that your travelling companion is as queer as a two dollar bill?

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